The Secret to Raising Missionary Support.

OK, so there’s not really a secret sauce that does it.  We are being a little sarcastic here.  However, there is one thing that all missionaries who have to raise support should avoid.

It’s not something you need to do, but it is something you should avoid doing.

Don’t be needy.

I’m not talking in a spiritual sense here.  I mean that, while doing whatever you do to raise support, don’t come across as somebody who is apologetic about raising funds and will do anything to get anybody to give any amount to partner with them in their ministry.


A few reasons:

  • It immediately puts potential partners on the defensive, creating a barrier to them giving.
  • It implies that you or your ministry is not worth supporting – so why should they?
  • There are some ministry partners who would not be a good fit for you and your ministry, so don’t desperately seek all possible partners.

How not to be needy.

Trust God.  If he has called you to it, he will provide for it.  That’s step 1.

After that, have a system in place for finding ideal ministry partners.

While sharing about the ministry with them, be able to answer questions and objections well.  You will soon learn which ones are the most common, but go here to get a preview of the most common right now – and some comments on how to address them.

Lastly, be clear about what you expect of your ministry partners when you speak with them.

Have you found for you what is the secret to raising support?  (Again, a little sarcasm here).


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