Bill Dillon at People Raising: Seasoned Missions Fundraiser Confession #5.

We are continuing to look at Bill Dillon’s pearls of wisdom regarding raising funds for missions.

We will look at Confession #5 today.  (See Confessions #1, #2, #3, and #4).

Think long-range, not short-range.

Bill shares, “There were some unfortunate cases where I tried to rush the fundraising process and lost the relationship.”

I agree with Bill that we can too easily take short cuts for the potential short-range gain.  This often happens when we try to rush raising missionary support.

Why do missionaries feel this rush to raise support?

  • Pressure from a supervisor to get to the field ASAP.
  • Lack of other income until the funds are raised.
  • Fear of feeling like a failure if the funds are not raised as expected.
  • Fear of facing questions (“Am I really called to this?”) if the funds don’t get raised as quickly as hoped..
  • Viewing fundraising for missions merely as a means to an end.

In BFFM, I strongly encourage you to resist temptations to rush it.  BFFM is a system that will allow you to raise missions support from churches in a way that provides a stable foundation for ministry for years to come.

I am always amazed when others promise to show you how you can raise missions support in just 3-6 months.  I’m not amazed that it can be done.  Rather, I’m amazed that it is presented as the ideal.

“People give to people whom they know, trust, and care for… And that takes time.”

The underlying assumption here is that at some point, you will have to raise missions support from those who do not yet know, trust, or care for you.

Unless you’ve got some seriously rich friends and relatives, you will need to raise a good amount of your missions support form people you do not know personally right now.  If you have not discovered this already, you will soon.

The problem is that most of us will have an incredibly difficult time starting, cultivating, growing, and continuing all of those relationships with people during our missionary career.  Again, unless you know some rich folk, it will take quite a few individuals to support you.

This is one reason (despite what almost everybody else will say you should do! ) that BFFM is focused on raising missions funds from churches, not individuals.  It is incredibly difficult to not only start those trusting relationships, but also to continue them!

However, the principle holds true.  In the case of BFFM, “Churches give to people whom they know, trust, and care for… And that takes time.”

In BFFM, I show you how to raise support partially, or fully as I did,  from churches – especially from churches with whom I had no previous personal connection with.  I can’t share all I’ve learned here, but send me any questions you have.



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