Bill Dillon at People Raising: Seasoned Missions Fundraiser Confession #6.

We are continuing to look at Bill Dillon’s pearls of wisdom regarding raising funds for missions.  (These appeared in the October 2012 edition of EMQ.)

Confession #6 is under consideration today.  (See Confessions #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5).

Your donors have a greater need to give than you have to receive.

See if you spot the key word that begins Dillon’s description:

“I was so focused on my need to receive money that I failed to realize that it was more important they be given the great opportunity to invest in the Lord’s work.”

“Focus” is good.

“My…” is not so good.

“Need.”  There it is.

When “My” and “Need” go together, it spells disaster for raising funds.

If you’ve been following BFFM, then you know that being “needy” is one of the biggest mistakes a missionary can make while raising funds.

To raise funds for missions, you have to do more than just convince yourself and others that it is important for them to give.

After crossing that barrier, you must persuade others to give their hard earned money to your ministry – and not something else.

If you focus on raising support from individuals, you may have to persuade them to give towards your ministry instead of getting a more expensive cable package.  You are competing with anything a household can choose to spend its money on (college or retirement savings, down payment for a better car or house, better cell phone plan, new ipad, etc…).

They certainly won’t lay it out for you like that, but ultimately those are the types of decisions individuals will be making.

However, if you are raising funds from churches – as BFFM uniquely gives you a system for – then you will be competing with other missionaries, ministries, potential missionaries, church building upgrades, better lawncare at the church, new TVs in the youth group room, expanded parking lots, and you get the idea.

Did you notice the word “compete”?

You may not like that word, especially when it comes to money and missions, but there is an opportunity cost.  That is, if a church budgets money for one thing, they can’t budget it for another thing.

When raising support form churches, the goal is not to have them stop supporting others so they can support you.  The goal is for them to gladly expand what they give for missions so that they can support you.

Instead of re-distributing the pie, you want them to grow the pie.

How do you do this?

Remember the importance of vision?

People will give more to their church, if they have a vision for what their church is involved in.


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3 Responses to “Bill Dillon at People Raising: Seasoned Missions Fundraiser Confession #6.”

  1. Brian Stankich January 18, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    Competition, indeed, and an exposing of priorities…


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