A Surprising thing about Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

FutUndBeidl @flickrLet me pull back the curtain on BFFM for a second…  What?!  Nobody’s there?!

Just kidding.

Here’s something about BFFM that surprised me, and probably will you too.

Who buys Be a Fully Funded Missionary?

Not a majority, but a significant percentage of those who buy BFFM give it as a gift.

I guess that shouldn’t shock me.  Many missionaries hit a rough patch in raising support, and they realize a few months too late that they could use some training to raise support.  Or they need some kind of kickstart, or they need to try something different.

Sadly, many missionaries never received any training – or maybe they read a book – on how to raise missionary support.

Even if a missionary gets good training, it’s tough to absorb it all and put it all into practice.  On top of that, BFFM is the only resource that teaches a missionary how to raise support from churches.  If they haven’t implemented BFFM, then they are missing at least one tool (and there’s lots of other good tools out there).

After a few tough months of trying to raise support, it can be tough for a missionary (or anybody!) to recognize that some help is needed.

My guess is that it is easier for a supporter to see than it is for the missionary to admit.

Result: a supporter buys BFFM as a gift for a missionary they support and love.
Be a Fully Funded Missionary_3D Web

Senders send more than one Missionary.

Most senders I know are involved with several missionaries.  Consequently, they know several missionaries who could use BFFM in their toolbelt.

That’s why when you buy BFFM, the copyright allows you to send it on to somebody as a gift.  So go ahead – buy it and send it to a missionary you love.


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