Another Core Tenet of Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

skalas2 @flickrI love the church.  I’ve said this before, and so the next core tenet is really a corollary of that.

Churches need to be challenged to partner with us.

Even if there was absolutely no possible way to gain any financial support from churches, I still think missionaries should challenge them to partner with them financially.

Having an outside missionary voice can really help a church keep Jesus and the gospel as its main focus.  When a church has to decide how to use its missions budget, they have to prayerfully consider the priorities of their church.  They are forced to prioritize where the dollars go.  That is surely a good thing.

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Another good thing for missionaries is that raising missions funds from churches is indeed possible.  Even if it weren’t, for the love of the church, we would still try.


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