Be a Fully Funded Missionary Platinum Edition – What’s Included? (part two)

What makes the Platinum Edition platinum, and therefore so valuable?

Last time we looked at the audio modules that are included, and this time we look at the case studies.

Basically, I think the case studies are worth their weight in gold for missionaries who are raising funds.  Since the case studies are in digital format, they weigh nothing, and so I guess that makes them worthless.  No, just kidding – if you printed them out and recorded it to a disc, then they would be worth their weight in gold.

So what’s in the Case Studies?

The case studies include a pdf file that has copies of the records I kept for six churches while raising funds for missions.  (I blacked out names and contact information for privacy sake).

That’s right, I just scanned some records in and blacked out sensitive stuff.

You can see the following:

  • How I kept organized.
  • What sort of notes I kept
  • How long different steps in the support raising process took.
  • Different responses from different churches.
  • Efforts I took to overcome barriers.

For each case study, I record some of my commentary on each case study and offer insight from the experience.

Why Case Studies for Raising Missions Support?

For most new missionaries, raising support is unlike anything we’ve ever done before.  “What will it be like?  How will I do?  Will I ever get enough funds?” are all questions that new missionaries ask themselves.

Case studies allow new missionaries to realistically see how the missions support raising process actually works.

It gives them a taste of what they are getting into before they actually have to do it.

When they wonder if they are taking the next right step in raising missions support, they have a concrete case study to show that it is sometimes just like they are experiencing.

How did you pick the Case Studies?

That’s a good question.  With many supporting churches, how did I pick which ones to include?

By the way, I also picked churches that don’t support us.

That is, I picked three case studies from churches that do not support us, and I picked three case studies from churches that do support us.

I tried to pick a range of experiences.

That is, one case study is what many would consider an abject failure – just un-returned calls and emails for months on end.

Some are what many would count as an awesome success in raising missions support from churches.

I tried to include the whole range of experience so that new missionaries can get a realistic picture of what to expect when raising funds for missions.

Let me just say this:

I really wish I had case studies like this to look at before I began raising support.


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