Best New Gadget for Missionaries: a Gamechanger.

We just looked at the best gadgets for missionaries, and those gadgets will be constantly updated and made obsolete.  While you may be getting new iPads for years to come, there is one new gadget that can be a gamechanger for expat missionaries.

Say hello to the Seagate Wireless Plus.

seagate wireless plusWhy is it a gamechanger?

Well, it is really just a fancy external hard drive.  That is, it has 1TB of memory in the hard drive, and it has a wireless antenna attached to it.  (You can tell from the picture because of the pretty blue waves emanating from it!)

Here’s why it’s a big deal to overseas missionaries: You can put all of your media files on this one relatively small device.  You can then wirelessly access them with your gadget (iPad, for example).

You see, cloud services are not so great when you are overseas and have to squeeze the kilobytes out of a telephone wire.  Also, storing lots of movies can fill up your iPad fast.

Now, for about $200, it looks like you should be able to store gobs of movies, tv shows, music, and pics without cluttering up your gadget.  Then, you can access those media files wirelessly for your enjoyment!

There is still a lot unclear about this product: Can I buy a movie from Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play, download them to the hard drive, and then wirelessly stream them to my device of choice?  Or does it only work with some file formats and then only stream to certain gadgets?

Even if this is not the ideal wireless external hard drive, the concept behind it is awesome for expat missionaries.  I’m hoping it improves so that my family can get one within the next few years!

Do you see any other great gadgets on the horizon for expat missionaries?


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