Best Way for Missionaries to Buy Clothes.

Clothes... by Diego Torres Silvestre on FlickrDid you ever stop to think about the odd clothing situations us missionaries find ourselves in?

Often, it is best if we have durable, high quality clothes.  They need to be multi-purpose, resilient to rough washing machines, and not too flashy.  In addition to that, they need clothes that can keep them cool in the heat, or keep them warm during winter.

Now some missionaries may only wear local dress that is different from the clothing from their home country.  Or perhaps second-hand stores or hand-me-downs from family members have been sufficient.  But many missionaries have discovered that buying some high quality clothes every couple of years is worth every penny.

Having said that, from where should you buy clothes?

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The Best Online Store for Missionaries to Buy Clothes From.

Sierra Trading Post is the most beloved clothing store among missionaries.  They stock all the brands and clothes that are favorites among the outdoorsy-camping-hiking folks.  Those folks also love high quality clothes that can last.  Also, they need clothes that can protect from heat, cold, sun, and can be worn repeatedly.  Consequently, what hikers need in clothing can often overlap with what missionaries are looking for.

Sierra Trading Post has clearance items and seconds.  (I am yet to notice what the minor flaws were in the clothes I purchased from them.)  They pass those savings on to you.  If you are looking for a certain shirt, pants, or shoes, check out Sierra Trading Post first.  They will have a low price that you can compare others with.  If they don’t have the exact item you are looking for, they may have something similar at a steep discount.  Maybe it’s last years model.  Who knows.

[Other honorable mentions:


How to Buy from

Here’s the steps you should follow.

  1. Visit and sign up to receive their emails.
  2. Get a great deal (like 30% off) when you sign up.
  3. Buy your clothes.
  4. Receive your clothes from

Note: you can receive cash back from if you learn how to use them, but that cash back is less than the discounts you will receive from the email list. will let you receive cash back from OR benefit from their email offers, but not both (no double dipping!).  In every case that I’ve seen, the email offers are better than cash back via

Awesome Clothes I bought from

I’ve bought socks, base layers to keep warm in the winter, and hiking shoes from  I’ve saved a large percentage compared to what I would have paid if I had bought them from stores.  I’ve loved all of them, and I’ve even returned a few items without problem.  Of course, the clothes are more expensive than clothes from second hand stores, but sometimes they don’t have the quality that you need; often, you get what you pay for.


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