Bill Dillon at People Raising: Seasoned Missions Fundraiser Confession #12.

Prayer is always important, and so it’s no surprise that it makes it into Bill’s confessions.

We are looking at Bill Dillon’s “confessions” regarding raising funds for missions.  (These appeared in the October 2012 edition of EMQ.)

Almost there…  Almost there… – #12 of 13!  (See Confessions #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9., #10, and #11.)

Prayer is a two-way street.

“… I soon realized my prospects and donors had needs that required my prayer on their behalf.”

“… I try to be intentional about finding ways to minister to them.”

Unlike Confession #11, I can whole heartedly totally and completely agree with Bill on this point.

Instead of getting others to pray for me and my ministry, it is important to cultivate a prayer life for those who are partnering with us.

However, it can look a little bit different if you focus on raising your missionary support from churches.

You will find that churches need prayer for:

  • Enough giving to meet budget, let alone expand missions giving to support you.
  • Unity within the church about what they should focus on.
  • Resolution of conflict within the church so that they can focus outwardly on missions instead of inwardly.

Prayer for your supporting churches and potential supporting churches will become a regular part of your prayer life.


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