ViewPoints: Current Trends in Raising Personal Support (part five)

What’s new and shakin’ in missionary support raising? Steve Shadrach is the best person to answer that question in ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising.<Not an affiliate link.> Honestly, most won’t find those trends too surprising.  Here’s just too of them. More think it’s OK to ask, not just pray for missionary support. Steve [...]

You Don’t Raise Missionary Support for the Money. Or, What to Say when Others Say they Don’t Have Money to Give.

Have you met “successful” business people who seem to be in it for the money alone? It may feel like there are many such people, if you don’t have your own business that makes a living for you.  However, I suspect that many such business people aren’t in it for the money alone. I’ll bet [...]

Raising Missionary Support? How many Financial Supporters do you need?

[Warning: This post contains some math.  I apologize for this to those of you this may offend.] Raising missionary support can be really exciting.  When you try to predict how many supporters you need, it can get discouraging.  Don’t get discouraged, but do make a wise strategy. How many Supporters do you need? If you [...]

How was the New Edition of Be a Fully Funded Missionary made?

After the first edition of BFFM was released, it took about a year to update it and create the new edition. How did I decide to make those changes? Sources of Input. There were three main sources of input: My own practice of raising support.  (Since you are constantly communicating with current supporters, you never [...]