ViewPoints: Standard of Living for Christian Workers. (part six)

What should the standard of living be for missionaries? We’ve been looking at some of the chapters from Steve Shadrach’s book: ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising<not an affiliate link>, and he addresses just this question in chapter 25. When Steve was fresh out of seminary being questioned for his first job, the board, […]

Cool Stuff for Missionaries – Fall 2014 Edition

Since (American) football has started, you know it’s Fall! That also means it’s time to check out the coolest stuff I’ve found for missionaries: Curious how Megachurches spend their money?  Also, can you guess whether or not large churches give at least 10% of their budget to ministries outside of their own walls?  (Your email […]

ViewPoints: Current Trends in Raising Personal Support (part five)

What’s new and shakin’ in missionary support raising? Steve Shadrach is the best person to answer that question in ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising.<Not an affiliate link.> Honestly, most won’t find those trends too surprising.  Here’s just too of them. More think it’s OK to ask, not just pray for missionary support. Steve […]