How was the New Edition of Be a Fully Funded Missionary made?

After the first edition of BFFM was released, it took about a year to update it and create the new edition. How did I decide to make those changes? Sources of Input. There were three main sources of input: My own practice of raising support.  (Since you are constantly communicating with current supporters, you never [...]

Are You Swimming in a Sea of Rejection while Raising Missionary Support?

Let’s face it, even after you take advantage of top-notch training to raise your missionary support, most people you contact will not support you financially. I’m sure you’re really good looking and have a flashing smile, but still a minority of people you know will actually send a check regularly. More seriously, I’m sure that [...]

Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: A Major Hindrance for Missionaries (part eight).

This, for now, is the final post on the series looking at Friend Raising. I don’t want to close on a downer, but Betty does share one major hindrance to raising missionary support that will surprise you. Tithing and Debt. Betty’s interesting revelation: “Two common problems emerge almost every time I meet with full-time Christian [...]

Engaging Missions Radio Show (Or, the Radio Show you need to check out.)

Don’t you just love it when people take initiative and do awesome stuff? I had recently gotten in touch with Bryan Entzminger who was starting an online radio show. What was his online radio show going to be about? Here’s what Bryan says: “Listen, at Engaging Missions, we’re about two things and two things only. [...]

Raising Missionary Support? Don’t make this Mistake.

Every missionary that has successfully raised support – that I know of – has had some sort of accountability in place. One thing that every missionary needs to raise support is an accountability structure. All missionary support raising systems recognize this.  For example, one training that charges hundreds of dollars requires weekly check-ins. You need [...]

Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: How to Ask (part seven).

Even the most extroverted and charming missionaries can fall apart when it actually comes to asking for financial support. The “ask” for financial funds can come off as painfully awkward.  Or, worse yet, the “ask” may never take place; the missionary assumes that the prospective donor reads between the lines. So, in practice, how do [...]

ViewPoints: Should I Raise Missionary Support from Churches or Individuals? (part four)

Like I’ve said before, every missionary should read Steve Shadrach’s: ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising.<Not an affiliate link.> Historically, there have been two main sources of funding for those who have to raise missionary support: churches and individuals. Steve strongly believes that we should focus on raising support from individuals.  There are definitely [...]