Will You do what is Necessary for the Great Commission?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to complete the Great Commission? If so, recognize that you may not be able to use your skills and talents as you had originally hoped. Don’t get me wrong, there are many missionaries who use professional skills (accounting, media development, linguistics, webdesign, and so on) as a […]

Do You Feel Like You Don’t have a Real Job?

We’ve been talking about emotional challenges you will face while raising support. These can really slow you down and ruin good support raising efforts. Regardless of how polished your presentations are, if you are weighed down by these emotional challenges, potential supporters will sense that something is not quite right. This one is especially true […]

Missionary Retirement Contributions: Shockingly Low(?!)

Evangelical Missions Quarterly had an article last year that probably nobody found interesting.  (Sorry, can’t find it available online.) However, since here at BFFM I focus many financial aspects of being a missionary, I was thrilled it was written. It was about retirement funding for missionaries. What can be more exciting than that?! (Not sarcasm.) […]