How to Explain Your Missionary Budget without People Freaking Out or Becoming Angry.

A potential supporter told me this: “Your annual support need is as high as the annual income of some of the members on our missions board. That has us really concerned.” I had met with the missions board previously. I knew from other context that the annual income referred to was that of retirees. That […]

Are You Raising Missionary Support with a Mindset to Be Fully Funded?

When it comes to raising funds, there is a difference between knowing what our mindset should be and what it actually is. Honestly, when you first soberly considered the realities of raising missionary support, was your gut reaction a positive one? For most of us, unless you’re that guy who always has an awesome evangelism […]

Top 3 Strategies to Stop Wasting Time, Focus, and Get Results when Raising Missionary Support.

Do you struggle with productivity when raising missionary support? When you’re hustling to raise funds to become a full time missionary, you can often feel one of two ways. “I put tons and tons of time into this, and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything.” “I have such a short amount of time to […]