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For those who are missionaries – the “goers.”

Most Overlooked Reason to Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

You might think that finances are the main reason to be a fully funded missionary. “When I’m fully funded, I won’t have to worry about money,” you think to yourself. The Iceberg Principle in Raising Missionary Support. Think of your support raising like an iceberg. Everybody who prays regularly and gives financially is part of […]

How to Explain Your Missionary Budget without People Freaking Out or Becoming Angry.

A potential supporter told me this: “Your annual support need is as high as the annual income of some of the members on our missions board. That has us really concerned.” I had met with the missions board previously. I knew from other context that the annual income referred to was that of retirees. That […]

Are You Raising Missionary Support with a Mindset to Be Fully Funded?

When it comes to raising funds, there is a difference between knowing what our mindset should be and what it actually is. Honestly, when you first soberly considered the realities of raising missionary support, was your gut reaction a positive one? For most of us, unless you’re that guy who always has an awesome evangelism […]