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For those who are missionaries – the “goers.”

Raising Missionary Support: One Key Question.

There are several key questions that a new missionary must consider while raising support. Focus on churches, or individuals? Only pray, or pray and share information, or pray and directly ask for support? But there is another key question that all missionaries must decide on while raising missionary support: Is the missionary raising support for […]

Supporting Church Questionnaire – Something We Need More of.

9Marks is a ministry that wants to build healthy churches.  They understand that healthy churches should have a focus on missions, and they should be sending and supporting missionaries. In an effort to better care for their supported missionaries, they shared an annual questionnaire that they have all of their supported missionaries fill out. Here’s […]

Is Raising Missions Funds like Sales?

Many missionaries, me included, have loathed how much western Christianity has become more corporate like, or more business like.  Accordingly, it can be tough to raise missions support because it makes the missionary feel like a salesperson. It can make us feel yucky.  Anybody else feel the same way? Having said that, there is at […]