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For those who send and support missionaries.

Most Overlooked Reason to Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

You might think that finances are the main reason to be a fully funded missionary. “When I’m fully funded, I won’t have to worry about money,” you think to yourself. The Iceberg Principle in Raising Missionary Support. Think of your support raising like an iceberg. Everybody who prays regularly and gives financially is part of […]

Will You do what is Necessary for the Great Commission?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to complete the Great Commission? If so, recognize that you may not be able to use your skills and talents as you had originally hoped. Don’t get me wrong, there are many missionaries who use professional skills (accounting, media development, linguistics, webdesign, and so on) as a […]

Missionary Retirement Contributions: Shockingly Low(?!)

Evangelical Missions Quarterly had an article last year that probably nobody found interesting.  (Sorry, can’t find it available online.) However, since here at BFFM I focus many financial aspects of being a missionary, I was thrilled it was written. It was about retirement funding for missionaries. What can be more exciting than that?! (Not sarcasm.) […]

2014 in the Rearview Mirror.

Several key things happened at BFFM during 2014. We celebrated our 2nd birthday in July (with no fanfare). Price was radically changed. BFFM New Edition was upgraded with a video vault. Finished a look at Viewpoints, Steve Shadrach’s awesome book. Completed a major series on what missionaries raising support can learn from business. Of these, […]

ViewPoints: Standard of Living for Christian Workers. (part six)

What should the standard of living be for missionaries? We’ve been looking at some of the chapters from Steve Shadrach’s book: ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising<not an affiliate link>, and he addresses just this question in chapter 25. When Steve was fresh out of seminary being questioned for his first job, the board, […]

ViewPoints: Current Trends in Raising Personal Support (part five)

What’s new and shakin’ in missionary support raising? Steve Shadrach is the best person to answer that question in ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising.<Not an affiliate link.> Honestly, most won’t find those trends too surprising.  Here’s just too of them. More think it’s OK to ask, not just pray for missionary support. Steve […]

How was the New Edition of Be a Fully Funded Missionary made?

After the first edition of BFFM was released, it took about a year to update it and create the new edition. How did I decide to make those changes? Sources of Input. There were three main sources of input: My own practice of raising support.  (Since you are constantly communicating with current supporters, you never […]

Engaging Missions Radio Show (Or, the Radio Show you need to check out.)

Don’t you just love it when people take initiative and do awesome stuff? I had recently gotten in touch with Bryan Entzminger who was starting an online radio show. What was his online radio show going to be about? Here’s what Bryan says: “Listen, at Engaging Missions, we’re about two things and two things only. […]