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For those who send and support missionaries.

ViewPoints: Should I Raise Missionary Support from Churches or Individuals? (part four)

Like I’ve said before, every missionary should read Steve Shadrach’s: ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising.<Not an affiliate link.> Historically, there have been two main sources of funding for those who have to raise missionary support: churches and individuals. Steve strongly believes that we should focus on raising support from individuals.  There are definitely […]

Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: Why the Church needs Missionaries who Raise Support (part four).

Betty provides sound statistics on how much Americans give.  I feel that too many missionaries are doom and gloom about giving.  That is, they feel like Americans give very little, and they will give less in the future.  (The following is from chapter 3 of Friend Raising). How much Americans give. Betty’s research shows that […]

Best Gifts for Missionaries.

When you’be prayed for and given financially to a missionary, do you find yourself wanting to give them a gift?  I don’t mean a financial gift, but like a physical something gift. So what are the best gifts for missionaries? Before I offer some suggestions, here are some parameters to keep in mind: Missionaries are […]

Cool Stuff for Missionaries – November Edition

If you want a few thoughts every Christian should ponder about missions… [Can’t see the video here?  Try this link.] If you want the longer talk that is referenced in the video, check it out or download it. I completely connected with Michael Oh’s statement that there are not enough senders.  There are indeed many […]

ViewPoints: Is it Valid to Raise Missionary Support? What about Tent-Making? (part three)

In ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising,<Not an affiliate link>, Steve Shadrach addresses an issue that most missionaries who raise support will face.  Imagine yourself in this situation. You are meeting with a group of potential ministry partners, and they start sharing about this wonderful Christian missionary they know who is working in this […]

What is the Average Missionary Salary?

Most people don’t have the courage to ask a missionary this directly, but it is a question that many have.  Also, many missionaries don’t know how to answer it! According to Simply Hired, the average salary for a job including “missionary” is $69,000 (!).  If you limit it to “Christian missionary,” then it drops to […]

Realistic Look at Missionary Life.

Some senders and supporters of missionaries do not have a realistic view of missionary life. My goal in this post is to help all you wonderful senders and supporters get a more realistic picture of missionary life. To understand where missionaries can be coming from, read “Quandaries our Missionaries Face” in EMQ, April 2013. These […]