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For those who send and support missionaries.

Supporting Church Questionnaire – Something We Need More of.

9Marks is a ministry that wants to build healthy churches.  They understand that healthy churches should have a focus on missions, and they should be sending and supporting missionaries. In an effort to better care for their supported missionaries, they shared an annual questionnaire that they have all of their supported missionaries fill out. Here’s […]

Things Missionaries won’t tell you (part five):

Many missionaries struggle with being supported by friends and family.  Many can’t keep up with that many relationships, especially while overseas.  Friendships can also get awkward when the supporter feels like the missionary only calls when they need more money, or when they forgot to send the check. <<Have you considered giving the gift of […]

Things Missionaries won’t tell you (part two):

[This is part of a series that informs supporters of missionaries some things that missionaries won’t tell them.] At the beginning of raising missions support, missionaries can’t draw even a partial salary until a certain monthly support level is reached.  Often, administrative expenses and benefits have to be covered before a partial salary can be […]