Change at Be a Fully Funded Missionary Coming.

BFFMIt has been almost a full year since the first edition of Be a Fully Funded Missionary (BFFM) was released.

What has happened since it’s release?  Well, I’ve been working hard to make it the best resource shows you how to raise personal missions support from churches.

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What’s changing?

In the past, BFFM was more like this: “You can raise all of your missions support from churches – so don’t worry about raising support from individuals.  But, I guess, you could use BFFM to raise some support from churches, but still focus on individuals.”

That message sent many potential missionaries away.

So now BFFM will be more like this: “To raise some missions support from churches, BFFM is the best tool to show you how.  If you want, you could even raise all of your support from churches.”

Most of you will raise the majority of your missions support from individuals – and that’s cool.  But if you will get 30%, 15%, or even just 5% of your support from churches, you need to know how to do it the right way.  You need to use all of your time and resources effectively, and BFFM shows you how to do that.

Be a Fully Funded Missionary is a Tool.

There are already several excellent resources on raising missionary support.  All of them focus on individuals.  At most, they give a page or two on how to raise support from churches.

BFFM is simply another tool to have in your toolbox along with all of the other training you receive on raising support.  It is the tool for raising missions support from churches.

A new edition of Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

The update will be released in June.

How has it changed?

  • Unnecessary stuff was removed.  (I think I was in a bad mood when I first wrote parts of BFFM or something, so I’ve removed a lot of that – my apologies!)
  • Explaining when to communicate via phone or email (it makes a difference in results).
  • How to pick target churches was expanded.
  • How to best predict how much a church may potentially support you.
  • Additional ways to make your presentation awesome.
  • Appendix: Social Media in Fundraising added.

The excellent audio modules and case studies available in the Platinum Edition remain unchanged.

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