Church Missions Budget: Relevant Factor #3.

We are continuing to look at the following article:

What are some relevant factors in thinking about a church missions budget?

Today, we tackle #3:

Look for ways to cooperate with other churches, and not just do your own thing.

Sounds good; it’s tough to see how somebody could disagree with this.  The main way I see this being played out is in two ways:

  1. Within a denomination.
  2. With other like-minded local churches.

When a missionary is seeking support, they can often seek support from other churches within their home sending church’s denomination.  Likewise, many local churches have relationships with other local churches.  Maybe they work together on some local ministries, or they have annual prayer meetings, or maybe the pastors are buddies.  Whatever the case, a whole town can be supporting a missionary through several local churches.

If you agree with the above principle, here is a great way you can help a missionary raise support.

Write a letter of reference.

State why you are supporting the missionary and why you recommend that others do the same.  Send it to other churches in your denomination, and send it to other local churches who are like yours.

Don’t just give money, give a letter of reference.

This can be a powerful way for a missionary to get fully funded.



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