Cool Stuff for Missionaries – August Edition.

 courtesy Michael Senchuk @flickrIf you only laugh once this month…

This one will make you laugh – or at least chuckle.  Watch The Best Beat Box you will ever hear.

If you only buy one Kindle book this month…

For missionaries who are not realistically going to haul a physical library all over the globe, a few bucks for the kindle version of a commentary on Romans is a steal.

If you have problems finding a realistic work schedule…

Take a look at the crazy expectations pastors face.  Do you feel the same pressures?

If you are wondering if you are a missionary…

Kevin Deyoung gives an excellent definition – and draws out great implications.  Knowing what you mean by “missionary” is key when raising funds.

As always, if you find or have anything that is cool for missionaries, let me know.


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