Cool Stuff for Missionaries – December Edition

If you are into Bible software…

Logos Bible Software is having a huge sale – only good until the New Year!  If you have wanted this for yourself, want to expand your current Logos resources, or if you’ve considered giving it as a gift, don’t miss this sale.

(Sadly, Bibleworks has no special deals right now.  I even asked.)

If you need ideas on how to bless missionaries…

Justin Taylor has some excellent ideas, whether it’s Christmastime or not.

If you don’t know what you should use giftcards for…

Maybe you’ve gotten a bunch of giftcards for Christmas, and you don’t know how to use them.  If you’re a guy, check out a manly Christmas gift idea list at  (Yes, they have one for girls too…)

If you wonder how much Christians are giving…

Craig Blomberg has written some great stuff on wealth: Check out Christianity Today’s interview.

Favorite quote: “Churches need to apply to their own revenue streams the same principles that they encourage among members.”

Missionaries who use BFFM are challenging churches to be giving money to missions.  My prayer is that BFFM will be used to influence churches towards what Blomberg has in mind.

If you wished you had been at the latest missions conference…

The first CrossCon has come and gone.  Nothing is posted as of this writing, but expect some great resources to be posted soon.

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