Cool Stuff for Missionaries – November Edition

If you want a few thoughts every Christian should ponder about missions…

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If you want the longer talk that is referenced in the video, check it out or download it.

I completely connected with Michael Oh’s statement that there are not enough senders.  There are indeed many great senders, but more are needed.  The number of senders is the bottleneck – not the number of people willing to go.  This is one main reason that I love showing missionaries how to raise support from churches.  Even if many feel that it is not practical to raise funds from churches anymore, it is so vital that churches are challenged by missionaries, and missionaries raising funds, to give financially to partner with missionaries.  One great task of goers is to raise up more senders.

If you love (awesome) free stuff…

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If you love some Piper missions thoughts…

Upon getting ready to leave Ethiopia, Piper shared a list of thoughts related to missions.

Here’s one that grabbed me:

6. One medical missionary corrected a common missionary counsel. He said that we are often told, if you are not an evangelist in America, getting on a plane won’t make you one elsewhere. He said that in his case this was not true. For him, the commitment to leave a lucrative, American medical practice and serve in Ethiopia has given him both opportunities and boldness in witness that he never had in his medical practice in the U.S. This is true, he said, both stateside and on the plane, and in Ethiopia. So let’s be careful about being too absolute in the kind of pronouncements we make.

Would a fairly prolific evangelist in the States be just as effective on the other side of the world?  Would he persevere through years of language learning?  Would his jovial attitude be perceived as untrustworthy and disrespectful in another culture?  Hmmmmm…  Let’s not assume that all the evangelists in America would be evangelists elsewhere.

If you want to improve your missions presentation…

Take some tips from some of the awesomest presentations today.

5 Secrets of Public Speaking From the Best TED Presenters.

If you want an awesome running jacket…

Yes, they are freaking expensive – but such a versatile item can be worth it for some long term.  Or, I guess you could use it for running lots too.

All-Weather Endurance: 5 Best Running Jackets.

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If you want to hear an interesting idea about alleviating poverty…

What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?

If you need to learn something new (and fast!)…

As a missionary, you probably wear many hats, and you will probably have to add more hats!

Acquire any Skill in 20 Hours or Less.

[Listen to a podcast from the Accidental Creative with the author, Josh Kaufman.]



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