Cool Stuff for Missionaries – Fall 2016 Edition

Whether you are a missionary raising support or not, here are cool things for you:

Resources from Climb, a Support Raising Leaders Conference. Most of the resources are pdfs, but audio is being added since I last checked. My favorite: Setting Healthy, Vision Driven Budgets by Kelton Hays. Why? The hypothetical couple is Jack and Diane Mellencamp! Kelton was an external auditor with PwC, so he knows numbers.

Podcast interview with Aaron Babyar on the Engaging Missions show. Aaron is with Support Raising Solutions, and you can start listening at 28:50 if you are in a rush.

Another tool to find cheap flights. Need I say more?

Why the heck would a missionary need so much money to live in a poor country? Compares the cost of a family of four serving as missionaries in El Salvador and the same family in San Diego, CA. It exposes many of the costs people overlook. The best part is the comments. They reveal a lot about both missionaries and supporters’ perceptions. If you are short on time, read the article and then responses to comments by the author (peterson1205).


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