Core Tenet of Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

K_Dafalias @flickrBe a Fully Funded Missionary is the resource that shows you how to raise personal missions support from churches.

If you want 80% of your support from churches, you can do that.  If you just want to add 2 or 3 more churches, you can do that.  It’s a scalable system that is a tool you need to add to your arsenal of support raising tools.

Why raise missions support from churches?

Instead of talking about the pros and cons of support from individuals vs. churches, let me look at one main reason you should raise support from churches, regardless of the pros and cons.

I love the church.

I love the universal church, and I love local churches.

Love for the church is a core tenet of BFFM.

Churches should be Sending Missionaries.

What I’ve noticed in missions is that more missionaries are doing some of the following:

  • Partnering with local churches on the missions field.
  • Planting churches with the help of other local churches.
  • Seeking to plant churches, even when there are no other churches there to help.

These are all good things, and missionaries have found that they need local churches to be involved if they are to maximize their effectiveness.

Because I love the church, I believe that she must be part of the sending of missionaries, which includes the financial aspect of sending.

I love the church.  Therefore, I want the local church to be involved in sending missionaries and be financially involved.

Do you love the church enough to challenge her to partner with you?


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