Engaging Missions Radio Show (Or, the Radio Show you need to check out.)

Grant @flickrDon’t you just love it when people take initiative and do awesome stuff?

I had recently gotten in touch with Bryan Entzminger who was starting an online radio show.

What was his online radio show going to be about?

Here’s what Bryan says:

“Listen, at Engaging Missions, we’re about two things and two things only. Well, really it’s about one thing – glorifying God. But we focus on two things.

  • Creating vibrant connections between missionaries “on the field” and folks “back home.”
  • Providing resources for Missionaries and Marketplace Ministers (that’s what we call the folks “back home”)”

Towards that goal, Bryan was going to be interviewing missionaries and others involved in missions.

My hope is that this online radio show continues for years to come and provides many episodes that encourage Christians all over the world in missions.

Oh, did I mention that Bryan was kind enough to interview me?

(The bad internet connection was all my fault – not Bryan’s, so don’t hold that against him.)

You can listen to the interview at engagingmissions.com.

Among other things, you can hear about one of my big failures, a time when I really blew it.

Bryan is a great guy, and I had a fun time being interviewed by him.

Head over to his site about missions, and like him on Facebook.  Once he has interviews available as a podcast, subscribe.

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