Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: A Major Hindrance for Missionaries (part eight).

Hurdles by David Morris on FlickrThis, for now, is the final post on the series looking at Friend Raising.

I don’t want to close on a downer, but Betty does share one major hindrance to raising missionary support that will surprise you.
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Tithing and Debt.

Betty’s interesting revelation:

“Two common problems emerge almost every time I meet with full-time Christian workers who are desperately struggling with support: they are usually not tithing – not because they don’t understand or believe in tithing but because they feel they can’t afford to tithe and usually they have little experience with it.  They are also usually in debt.”

Did you hear that?

If you are raising missionary support, you should definitely tithe, and you should definitely be out of, or quickly getting out of, debt.

Now, if you are struggling to raise support, you may even rightly think that you have the following hindrances:

  • I don’t have enough or the right connections.
  • I don’t have a dynamic personality.
  • My ministry isn’t the hip trend right now.
  • I don’t have rich relatives.
  • Others just aren’t giving as much as they should!

Do you notice a common thread between all of these hindrances?  They are mostly out of your control.  Yes, you can take action to change some of them somewhat, but they serve as good excuses as to why the funds aren’t getting raised.

Did you notice something about Betty’s two suggested hindrances?  You have a lot more control over those.

So if you are struggling with raising missionary support, start with tithing and getting out of debt.

Then, focus on changing other factors.  Obviously, you can’t control how rich your relatives are, but you can take steps to grow your network and connections, and you can take steps to communicate more effectively when your natural personality may be a hindrance.  Also, if your ministry is not hip right now, you can learn how to be more persuasive.  Be a Fully Funded Missionary can help you with all these things – but start with tithing and getting out of debt first.


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