Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: Key to Raising Missionary Support (part six).

FACE TO FACE by misko13 on FlickrCan you guess what major practical suggestion Betty makes in Friend Raising for raising missionary support?

No, it’s not have a cool Facebook page and a Twitter account with lots of followers.

Face to Face.

“Visit one on one, face to face.”  (Chapter 6)

2 John 12 is an example of this priority.   John wasn’t content with paper and ink; John wanted to visited and talk face to face.

There are many practical suggestions that follow from this principle (not all of them are Betty’s – some are mine).

  • Personal visits are better than sending information packets.
  • Personal visits are better than sharing a video.
  • Stay in somebody’s home as a guest if you travel out of town.
  • If you use a website, it must be personal and updated.
  • Share meals with others whenever you have a chance.
  • Don’t expect a lot of response to letter and email campaigns, and much less from social media campaigns.  Rather, use those to help get face to face meetings and dig up contacts for face to face meetings.

Consequently, since face to face meetings are so important, you need to make sure somebody would want to see your face.

Put your best face forward.

Missionaries raising support may shy away from face to face meetings because they can cause so much work and stress.  Impersonal methods, like only sending letters and emails, are a lot less stressful.  However, your intermediate goal is to get as many face to face appointments as possible.

You have to put a lot of time and work into what you will share during that face to face time, but let me also suggest some tweaks that can be really easy, but can really help a lot too.

  • Smile.  When you first meet the person, and at times during your meeting, smile.
  • Have good posture, and keep your upper body angled towards the other person and “open.”  That is, don’t slouch, and don’t cross your arms.  This communicates that your interest is with the other person.
  • Eliminate nervous twitches.  No shaky or bouncy knees, biting your nails, rubbing your face, etc…  It would be tragic if the only thing the other person remembered about you was a nervous tick!

So interact with people to raise missionary support, and work on improving your interpersonal skills.  If you just focus on improving one of the tips each time you meet with somebody, your communication will be radically improved after a few meetings.Be a Fully Funded Missionary_3D Web[sharexy]

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