Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: Missionary’s Primary Aim (part two).

Dollar Bill Eye of Providence by Mark Turnauckas on FlickrBetty Barnett’s Friend Raising is one of the classic resources for raising missionary support.

In chapter two, Betty raises an issue that touches on one of the key aspects of raising missionary support successfully.  (Yes, there are missionaries who never make it to the field because the funds don’t get raised.)

Here’s Betty’s train of thought:

  1. “We are to seek first the kingdom of God, not the dollar…”
  2. “Our needs are met as a by-product, not as the goal…”
  3. “When raising money is our primary aim, everything we do in support raising is tainted with the love of money.”

This agrees with something I’ve said for years:

  1. Ironically, to raise missionary support, raising funds must be a secondary goal.
  2. And, you must be willing to carry out the primary goal, even if you don’t see how or if with will contribute to raising more funds (the secondary goal)!

Broadly stated, the primary goal is to seek first God’s kingdom.  The funds are a secondary goal, a by-product.

But Betty goes further: When missionaries fall into the trap of making funds primary, then there is a love of money that is tainting everything.

So I should not only say that to raise funds successfully, a missionary should keep funds secondary.  I should also say that funds must be keep secondary for the sake of your soul.


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