Friend Raising by Betty Barnett: Uncertainty of Transition (part three).

confused looks... by Nisha A on FlickrOne hurdle that many missionaries face is how to transition from their current job to their ministry overseas.

In order to go, they need to raise funds, which can easily be a full time job.  However, raising funds takes time – anywhere from a few months to more than a year.

So the average missionary raising support can wonder: “How will I make ends meet while raising the funds to go overseas?”

Betty Barnett offers some helpful counsel in chapter three of Friend Raising.

“The normal flow of life includes both seasons of plenty and seasons of want.”

(See Proverbs 30:8-9).

Practically, this means that you may go through a season of want while raising funds for missions.  You may have to take from savings.  You may have to rely on unexpected personal gifts to make things work for a little bit.  You may have to work part time while raising support.

Whatever the case, realize that you don’t need to panic if you are going through a season of want while raising missionary support.

Just remember when you go through a season of plenty to be thankful, and to steward your resources to help provide for those going through a season of want.

This is also one reason why Be a Fully Funded Missionary is available as “pay what you want.”

You would gladly pay $100 for a key resource to help you raise missions funds, but you may be in a season of want.  Don’t let that stop you from getting the best resources to help you raise the funds.


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