Do you know and love a missionary who seems to be short of funds?

Pay what you want to give that missionary Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

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The reality is that there are lots of great missionaries who struggle to have enough funds for their ministry.

Since you are reading this, you probably care deeply for such a missionary.  You definitely pray for them, give as you are able, but you wish you could do more to help financially.

Now you can.  Many customers of Be a Fully Funded Missionary (BFFM) aren’t missionaries.  Rather, they give the New Edition of Be a Fully Funded Missionary as a gift to a missionary they know.  (The copyright on BFFM explicitly allows you to do this.)

I’ll level with you.  There are lots of great resources out there on how to raise missionary support.  BFFM is unique in that it gives a missionary a step-by-step system to gain more financial support from churches (plus much more – read on!).

Some missionaries just want one or two more supporting churches, but some have gained about twenty.  Once you see all the questions and issues that BFFM tackles, you will see that it is a valuable resource for any missionary.

What I loved about BFFM when I first started using it was that it addressed a lot of problems I faced in raising support.

  • What do I do when I completely run out of contacts?
  • I don’t have a magnetic personality, and I’m not a great speaker, so how can I raise funds for missions?
  • What exactly should I write or say?
  • More importantly, why should I write or say those things?

Be a Fully Funded Missionary answers those questions.

Is it a silver bullet? 


Does the missionary have to work hard at the system?


Will the New Edition of BFFM work for every missionary? 

At least some part of BFFM will benefit every missionary.

So what comes with the New Edition of BFFM?

The popular New Edition includes:

  • 13,000+ word Be a Fully Funded Missionary guide (New Edition)(PDF)
  • Spreadsheet template to keep you organized (Excel and Open Office format)
  • Be a Fully Funded Missionary: the Case Studies:Actual records of all activities taken in order to raise support from six different churches. 3 Churches are now supporting churches, but 3 do not support. This shows how raising support from churches really works. PDFs of the records are included along with audio description of each case study. [Private information of supporters is blacked out.] (mp3 and PDF)

Plus the video vaul (over 90 minutes total):

  • How to Ask a Supporter to Give More (mp3)
  • How to Do a Missions Expo (mp3)
  • How to Do a Missions Presentation (mp3)
  • How to Raise Lacking Support (mp3)
  • and much more.

Be a Fully Funded MissionaryEbook WebDo you want to help the missionary you care about?

Buy BFFM, download it, and send it on to the missionary.

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