Good Missions Stuff at the Gospel Coalition.

I don’t normally do this, but the Gospel Coalition had three awesome things related to missions today that I wanted to point you to.

The Fruit of Missionaries.

Check out the trailer for a documentary about some Christians rescuing babies that would otherwise be abandoned.  This is related to missions because not that long ago, there were so few Christians in Korea that such a ministry almost certainly would not have been attempted.  (Thanks to Justin Taylor for this.)

John Piper addresses progress in the Great Commission.

The post includes some crucial ideas – the difference between missions and evangelism, the definition of the unreached – and it also points out how “doable” the remaining task is.

6 Ways you can support missionaries.

I wish I had written the post: 6 Ways you can support missionaries.

Awesome stuff, and I will resist telling you why it is such a good article until I have time to write a fuller post.


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