Do you Hate Calling on the Phone to Raise Missionary Support?

Matthias Ripp via flickrYou know what you should be doing, but you just keep finding reasons to do something else.

I’ve noticed some similar experiences from missionaries who have worked hard at raising support.  Do any of these experiences match yours?

  • You arrive at a support raising appointment, and you just can’t bear to get out of the car – you sit there paralyzed, discouraged.
  • You do mental gymnastics to arrive at your support level: “This person committed to $25 per month, and that one said he would commit to $50 per month, and that other one stopped giving a few months ago, but…”  and on and on until you get to some support percentage.

But do you know the most common problem experience I come across?

“I hate calling people on the phone.”

When you get down to it, the tasks that make up the support raising strategy are all pretty simple.  Writing, calling, and speaking are all things we can do easily.  But doing it in the right way that results in support coming in is tough.

And when you simply don’t do some of those important tasks, it’s a big blow to your support raising efforts.

Calling people on the telephone is the biggest one that missionaries find excuses to not do.

To address this issue, I’m sharing from BFFM‘s video vault: Hate Calling on the Phone to Raise Missionary Support?

Trust me: More than all of you all combined, I hate calling people on the phone.  So if I can find a way to do it, so can you.

If that video helps you get those calls done, check out the rest of BFFM.  Modestly, it’s helped missionaries raise tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Check it out.

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