How to Raise Missions Funds when everybody tells you “No.”

I previously wrote that in one key way, raising missions funds is like sales.  That is, people will say “No” a lot.  A lot.

It is really tough to continue raising missions support when so many people say “No.”  There is no reason to think that the next person would say “Yes!”

How I kept on raising missions support in face of all the “No.”

Right now, so many other missionaries ask me, “How did you get so many supporting churches?”  They know that churches don’t forget to send the check, and they can even increase giving over time.  Raising personal support is often faster, but it dries up faster.  Consequently, I’ve been a fully funded missionary for several years.  I’ve only had to raise mission funds once.  I am so thankful for that.

That is right now.

Back then, when I was raising missions funds for the first time as a married man, I was definitely hearing the “No” a lot.

Having an accountability partner, or buddy, who kept me accountable each week to making the calls and sending the emails needed was really important.  It wasn’t the most important thing, though.

The most important thing to overcome “No.”

This is the truth that overcome all of the “No”:

This mission that God has called me to is too eternally important for me to hinder it simply because “No” hurts my feelings.

That realization has stuck with me.

What has helped you in face of all the “No?”

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