Is Raising Missions Funds like Sales?

Many missionaries, me included, have loathed how much western Christianity has become more corporate like, or more business like.  Accordingly, it can be tough to raise missions support because it makes the missionary feel like a salesperson.

It can make us feel yucky.  Anybody else feel the same way?

Having said that, there is at least one practical way that raising missions funds is like doing sales:

You will hear a lot of people tell you “No.”

Even if you do an awesome job of raising missions support, the vast majority of people will say “No” to supporting your ministry.  Actually, over 75% of people will tell you “No.”

But that’s not the worst news.

Many people will tell you “No,” and they will feel badly about it.  However, it is also true that some people will tell you “No,” and then they will go on to tell you why they don’t think anybody else will decide to support you.

“Thanks, I needed a kick in the crotch while I was down,” is what you may find yourself saying internally when you meet such people.

So, after hearing a parade of “No,” how do you keep on going?

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