Learn from the most Seasoned Missions Fundraiser at People Raising.

Today I’m going to give props to – and recommend – what some would consider my nemesis.

That’s a little tongue in cheek, but Be a Fully Funded Missionary is the only missions fundraising system that focuses on raising support from churches.

All others focus on raising support from individuals.  The granddaddy of them all is People Raising by Bill Dillon.

In the October 2012 EMQ, there is the following article:

Confessions of a Seasoned Missions Fundraiser.

People Raising has a new edition out.  I have not read the new edition, but I read and used the old edition.  It didn’t go so well for me, but I would still recommend it.  It definitely works great for some people, so give it a try.

You see, BFFM focuses on raising support from churches, but it can be used to raise 100% of support from churches, or 5% of support from churches.  Or anywhere in between.

It’s simply another tool in your toolbox that you will want, because even all of the other best resources on raising missionary support don’t do much to show you how to raise support from churches.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I will look at some of Dillon’s “confessions” from the article.  Many of his points are valid, regardless of who is targeted for raising the support.


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