Are you a missionary who needs to raise more support?

Maybe your support has leveled off and you don’t know where the money will come from.

Perhaps the support dried up after two years.

Be a Fully Funded MissionaryEbook
It doesn’t matter if you just started raising support or if you have been working at it for years. The truth is, you sometimes wonder if you will ever be on the missions field fully funded.

Any missionary can be fully funded by using the Be a Fully Funded Missionary course because it shows you how to raise support from churches.

How important is it to you to be fully funded?

Write down how much monthly support you receive on average.

Then write down how much monthly support you need to be fully funded.

Let’s say you receive $5000 per month on average, and you need $8000 per month to be fully funded.

That means the gap between where you are now and being fully funded is $3000 per month.

You are either paying $3000 every month you don’t solve this problem, or you stay off the missions field every month you don’t solve this problem.

But think about what it will be like to be fully funded.

No more cringing when you check your support level each month. It will take a few seconds and a prayer of thanksgiving. You will no longer think of “some day” when you will be on the missions field.

You can focus completely on the task God called you to on the missions field. Your vision for the future and possibilities in ministry will expand. I should know.

The Story behind Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

Many missionaries use the same tactics and strategies to raise funds for the ministry God has called them to. For some, it works. They focus exclusively on raising support from individuals.

For me, that wasn’t working.

My support leveled off at about 40%. I had exhausted all my personal contacts. All my current supporters gave as much as they could.

I thought maybe I just didn’t have the right people skills.

I saw that the math wasn’t adding up. I couldn’t find enough people to ask to support me. Not enough of them were supporting at a high enough amount to ever add up to becoming fully funded.

How could I solve this problem and become fully funded?

Would I have to go back to a job I had previously quit so I could pay the bills?

(Honestly, it’s embarrassing to tell people you’re going to the missions field, but then you end up back at your old job later.)

My vision had shrunk so much, I just hoped to pay the bills.

Then, I picked the brains of some missionaries who were (and still are) fully funded. I discovered they were just like me at one time. They had not always been fully funded. They had scraped by in the past, often a big source of marital conflict, stuck exactly where I was.

How had they solved the problem and become fully funded?

They had started raising support from churches. They graciously shared the framework of their process with me. Compared to raising support from individuals, it had some real differences.

I took action on the framework they taught me instead of continuing down the exact same course. I encountered challenges and roadblocks, and I learned some things the hard way. I got absolutely no response from some churches. Others simply told me there was no money in the missions budget.

After fine tuning the process, I overcame those challenges. I no longer felt like I was going to get to the missions field “some day”. I was going to get there fully funded.

When my family left overseas for the missions field, we were more than fully funded. I actually turned down financial support because we honestly didn’t need it! (Of course, not every church supports us, but many do.)

We have now been fully funded for over six years.

But I’m not the only one.

People from the smallest missions agencies to some of the largest (like Wycliffe Bible Translators) have taken the Be a Fully Funded Missionary course.

Be a Fully Funded Missionary is a course that gives you the step-by-step process to raise support from churches, including how to overcome each of the unique challenges you will overcome along the way. (Have you ever heard, “We just don’t have any money in the missions budget…”?)

Here is exactly what you get when you buy the Be a Fully Funded Missionary Course:

1. Be a Fully Funded Missionary guide (New Edition): A 13000+ word pdf that gives you the step-by-step process to raise support from churches so you can become fully funded.

2. Spreadsheet template (Excel and Open Office format): Keeps you organized so you don’t waste time or feel overwhelmed.

3. Automatic Subscription to the Be a Fully Funded Missionary Newsletter that keeps you encouraged and informed on the best strategies and tactics to become fully funded.

4. The Case Studies: Actual records from a fully funded missionary that reveal details and timelines of raising support from six churches. Three churches are now supporting, and three are not supporting. You will see what is possible and what is normal in becoming fully funded. If you ever wonder, “Will I ever get there?” these case studies show you what it was like for a missionary who “got there”. (pdf + audio descriptions.)(Private information is blacked out in these real records of raising support.)

5. The Video Vault with over 90 minutes of short videos that troubleshoot your challenges and address your questions:

  • How to ask for more support.
  • Should I contact the pastor?
  • What if I’m having difficulty following up?
  • “I fear public speaking!”
  • “I hate calling on the phone.”
  • “What if the churches are small?”
  • And more. (mp4 video format plus mp3 audio for those of you who like to listen in the car, at the gym, or on a run.)

Plus, you also receive two free bonuses:

  • Free Bonus Ebook #1: Called or Crazy? Your Questions about Becoming a Missionary Answered (pdf): Imagine taking a missionary out for coffee and picking their brain about becoming a career missionary. This is that book.
  • Free Bonus Ebook #2: Money for Missionaries: A Personal Finance Primer for Missionaries (pdf): Explains how to manage your personal finances while living overseas as a missionary.

(This course is completely digital so you can access it anywhere at any time. There are no physical products.)

All this adds up to gaining more supporting churches. If you gain one supporting church that commits to partner financially at $150 per month, that more than pays for the whole Be a Fully Funded Missionary course.

When a church supports you year after year, investing in the Be a Fully Funded Missionary course pays for itself more than 100 times over.

Now imagine what happens if you gain not one more supporting church, but three or four more supporting churches. Investing in the Be a Fully Funded Missionary course pays for itself more than 1,000 times over.

What if you buy the course, and you discover you don’t like it? Email me within the next 60 days and ask for a refund. Without any questions, you will receive a full 100% refund. I can’t make you delete the course off your computer, and I wouldn’t want to. That’s fine if you give it a try and decide it’s not for you. No hard feelings.

I want to take the risk off your shoulders and put the risk on my shoulders. In addition, I’m giving you the two free bonus Ebooks:

  1. Called or Crazy? Your Questions about Becoming a Missionary Answered.
  2. Money for Missionaries: A Personal Finance Primer for Missionaries.

Where will you be six months from now?

Ask yourself if you are on course to get the missions field fully funded. What is the gap between what you have raised, and what you need to raise?

If you are not on a course to be fully funded, you need to do something differently. You can choose to continue the course you are on, or you can make a course correction to get to the missions field fully funded.

Click on the “Get Be a Fully Funded Missionary” button, fill out the short order form, and you will immediately download the whole course with complete access. With the 60 day 100% money back no questions asked guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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