Money for Missionaries is here.

Money_for_MissionariesMoney for Missionaries: A Personal Finance Primer for Missionaries (M4M) is now available for the Amazon Kindle.

Like I told the subscribers to the BFFM Newsletter:
If you don’t have a Kindle:
1. Get out of the stone age and get one or,
2. Download Amazon’s free reader so that you can download and read M4M on your computer…

Here’s the description of M4M:

Money for Missionaries shows Christian expat missionaries from the US how to play the “game” of personal finance while overseas.

It includes what you need to do before you go overseas, and it tells you what to do once you get to the missions field.  You will also learn how to address the potentially embarrassing questions you may face about money while overseas.

Don’t learn how to manage your personal finances the hard way as a missionary – learn from missionaries who have done it before.


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