Most Popular Posts of 2012.

With 2012 coming to a close, let’s look at the most popular posts of BFFM in 2012.

BFFM was born in 2012, so we don’t have a whole year’s worth of posts to choose from.  However, here are the top three posts:


Are you a Missionary who flies overseas? Benefit the most from your miles.

My comment: Since this post has nothing directly to do with raising missions funds, should that tell us something… ?



Is the Average Monthly Support for a Missionary Crazy?

My comment: People will click on anything that has crazy in the title.


Bill Dillon at People Raising: Seasoned Missions Fundraiser Confession #2.

My comment: Who knew persistence was so fascinating?

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a happy New Year!


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