One way your missions presentation is different than a business presentation.

There are lots of good books on how to do a presentation.  I’ve used them and tell you about the best tips and practices from them in Be a Fully Funded Missionary (BFFM).

All of those books, however, were written for a business audience.  This can serve you well.  You need to communicate effectively.  You need to have proper body language.  You need to know how to handle eye contact and questions.  There’s lots more that goes into an excellent missions presentation that just that, but those are good things to know about.

The business books don’t warn you about one  unique fact about presenting to missions committees:

Not everybody will be able to hear you.

That is, there is a really good chance that there will be somebody elderly and hard of hearing who will be listening to your presentation.

No matter how loudly you speak or how small the room is, there will often be at least one elderly person who will have a hard time hearing you.  Business books on presentations assume that those people retired, and so they won’t be at the presentation!

Help those who won’t be able to hear you.

  • Be sure your handout has the essential information.
  • Employ excellent pictures.
  • Use text to hit on the main points.  You can’t provide subtitles, but you have to provide enough of the important information so that they don’t remember you as “the guy they couldn’t hear.”
  • Pace your speaking and speak clearly; they are often aided by lip reading.

How to cheat for those who can’t hear.

If you have kids, include a picture of them at the beginning.  Everybody loves kids, but the elderly will be imagining their own grandchildren going away for missions.  If nothing else, they will remember you positively, even if they can’t hear a thing you say!

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