Most Overlooked Reason to Be a Fully Funded Missionary.

You might think that finances are the main reason to be a fully funded missionary. “When I’m fully funded, I won’t have to worry about money,” you think to yourself.

The Iceberg Principle in Raising Missionary Support.

Think of your support raising like an iceberg. Everybody who prays regularly and gives financially is part of the iceberg that is above the water. They are visible.

Of course, without that visible tip of the iceberg above the water, you can’t go serve as a missionary. The iceberg has to exist.

But what if you are only 85% supported, and you decide to go anyways, hoping things will work out? Things might work out, but if that visible tip of the iceberg is not 100% of what it should be, then there are some big consequences other than not having 100% of the finances raised.

You know that the visible part of an iceberg is only a small fraction of the actual iceberg. The vast majority of the iceberg is invisible and under the surface of the water.

When the tip of the iceberg is only at 85%, then the invisible portion of the iceberg is much smaller than if the tip were 100%.

The iceberg is more than finances. That iceberg also helps provide for many other things. That invisible part of the iceberg will also provide for a growing ministry and projects in the future. It will provide expertise on a project that you need some consulting on. That iceberg will also provide future teammates to work with you on the field.

Not only does it make sense from a financial perspective to be fully funded, it’s also essential for the future health of your ministry to be fully funded, to get that iceberg as large as it truly needs to be.

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