Raising Missionary Support: 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Raising missionary support is hard enough work, but when you are making mistakes, you are making it harder than it needs to be.

Avoid these five mistakes to save yourself grief!

1. Speaking on Sunday Morning at a Church.

If a church is not committed to supporting your ministry financially on a regular basis, do not speak on a Sunday morning.

2.  Assuming “No” means “No” forever.

If you are explicitly told “No,” even after presenting to the missions committee, check back in after six months.  A new fiscal year means a new budget.

3.  Only Raising Missionary Support from Individuals.

Individuals can help you raise your support fast.  The mistake is that, if you want to serve long term as a missionary, individual support can dry up fast.

4.  Assuming Others will Support your Ministry.

Never give off an air of entitlement.  Just because you are willing to go does not mean that everybody you know should support your ministry financially.

5.  Assuming Nobody would Want to Support your Ministry.

This one is the opposite of number four.  While some can feel entitled, others can feel guilty and ashamed to ask others to support their ministry.

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