Raising Missionary Support? Don’t make this Mistake.

epSos.de @flickrEvery missionary that has successfully raised support – that I know of – has had some sort of accountability in place.

One thing that every missionary needs to raise support is an accountability structure.

All missionary support raising systems recognize this.  For example, one training that charges hundreds of dollars requires weekly check-ins.

You need at least one person who asks you each week if you are doing the hard work necessary.  Are you working on the right things, or just keeping busy?

Too many missionaries convince themselves they can do it on their own.  Maybe they’ve got a system in mind, or maybe even they’ve received lots of training.  Either way, they’ve got it all figured out in their head – but they don’t allow any outside voices.

Accountability that Encourages.

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What’s great is when you keep in touch with other missionaries raising support.

They offer encouragement from their successes, and they can help you keep the course when it seems like nothing is happening.  They offer tweaks on how to make things better, and they can pick you up when it’s tough.

Get in touch with other missionaries raising support.  Maybe they are with the same agency as you, or maybe you met them at a training.  Schedule a weekly call on skype or facetime with them to focus on keeping each other accountable.

It will be some of your best accountability.


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