Are You Raising Missionary Support with a Mindset to Be Fully Funded?

When it comes to raising funds, there is a difference between knowing what our mindset should be and what it actually is.

Honestly, when you first soberly considered the realities of raising missionary support, was your gut reaction a positive one?

For most of us, unless you’re that guy who always has an awesome evangelism story that took place while flying on a plane with a stranger, our mindset about raising funds has needed some adjustment.

We know we should have an optimistic, positive, God-trusting and God-glorifying mindset about raising funds. In reality, it’s a battle for most of us.

To help you in that battle, here is why you need to have a mindset to become fully funded.

The Mindset to Be Fully Funded Forces Focus.

Raising missionary support is not easy, and so you know you need to make the most of every opportunity and use your time effectively.

People will give you lots of ideas that would be good to do, but those ideas won’t contribute towards raising your missionary funds.

You need to discover exactly what it is that leads most directly to committed supporters who give on a regular basis. Will it be hosting dessert nights? Meeting with individuals over coffee and lunch? Sending letters to everybody you know? Asking to speak at churches? Asking to speak with missions committees at churches?

Or, will it be a combination of some of those?

Should call, email, text, send a letter, or connect with them on social media?

Once you consider all the possible combinations, you realize you could do a little bit of everything, and in the process, you will accomplish nothing.

To have the right mindset to become a fully funded missionary, focus on one strategy for raising missionary support. Then practice and get really good at it.

Expanding Vision Leads to Becoming Fully Funded.

Some missionaries think that raising funds is something they need to do for six months to a year, and then they are done with it for the rest of their missionary career.

After they’ve raised their funds, they can get on to their real ministry. Raising funds was a necessary evil.

Almost nobody would come out and say that, but that is their mindset.

The reality is that for your ministry and vision to grow and expand over the years, you will need more funds. A growing family and shifting ministry responsibilities may require more funds down the road, but more audacious ministry projects and more personnel will definitely require more funds.

So you can’t have the mindset that you are raising a bare minimum as fast as possible. Instead, you want to lay a solid foundation that will continue to grow and expand as your ministry does.

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