Are You Swimming in a Sea of Rejection while Raising Missionary Support?

Let’s face it, even after you take advantage of top-notch training to raise your missionary support, most people you contact will not support you financially.

I’m sure you’re really good looking and have a flashing smile, but still a minority of people you know will actually send a check regularly.

More seriously, I’m sure that God truly has called you to your work – and yet it can seem like so few people are interested in what God has called you to.

It can be tempting to grumble and complain: against God, against those you feel should be partnering with you, against the whole missionary venture … you get the idea.

Yes, raising missionary support is tough because you are swimming in a sea of rejection.

How can you handle so much rejection?  This is where we can get some insight from those in business.

[This is the third part of a series on what missionaries raising support can learn from business.  Find out why I am writing this series, read part one, and part two.  Get exclusive content when you join the BFFM Newsletter – plus a free download: Top 5 Online Resources for Missionaries Raising Support (that aren’t for missionaries).]

Raising Missionary Support and Rejection.

After you’ve been encouraged from God’s word, let me give you a little homework assignment.

Don’t worry, it’s a fun one.

Watch the following video.  What can you learn from it?

I’ll be back in touch with you soon to follow up on the video.

Watch it, and come up with one takeaway for you as a missionary raising support.

Email it to me or leave it in the comments.


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