Things Missionaries won’t tell you (part three):

[This is part of a series that informs supporters of missionaries some things that missionaries won’t tell them.]

Most missionaries have a single account for their missions work at an agency, and all costs for their ministry come out of that fund.  (Some agencies have pooled accounts, or are more centralized in other ways, but many simply have one account for each missionary.  Sometimes there are separate accounts for certain items or projects, but usually not.)

If you give $5,000 for a missionary family’s plane ticket, that money really goes into one big “pot” for that missionary, and the cost of the plane ticket is taken out of the one big “pot.”  It makes you, the giver, feel like you are giving towards a tangible plane ticket and not just a monthly budget number.  However, in reality, you really just put your gift into a big “pot” of money.

<<Have you considered giving the gift of being fully funded to a missionary you love?>>



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