Understanding Missionary Support: the Best Resource (and it’s short!)

Most people do not understand missionary support.  It is confusing.

When people ask me about how “missionary support works,” I often think they don’t understand my answer – and they don’t want to appear rude and ask again.

The problem may be that I have not been able to communicate “how missionary support works” in a concise manner.

I have just found a short 3 page pdf that explains missionary support.


[Update: ReachGlobal no longer has this resource available on their website.  If it becomes available in the future, we will update the link.  At the time, it did say that 54% was for salary, 6% for housing, 12% for ministry expenses, and I don’t remember the rest.  Hopefully they will have it available again soon.]

One page explains it, one page is a chart, and one page is a real life monthly budget-breakdown of a missionary family in Germany.

I don’t think it can get much simpler than that.

Just FYI – the resource was put together by ReachGlobal, a missions branch of the Evangelical Free Church of America.  It was formerly known as EFCM for years (Evangelical Free Church Mission).  I am by no means an expert on the organization or anything like that, but this resource is helpful to us all.

  • If you want to become a missionary, this helps you understand what you will be raising support for – and what a realistic monthly support amount may be.
  • If you plan to, or already do, support missionaries, you can understand exactly what all your money is supporting.

The key points of Understanding Missionary Support.

The average missionary family needs to raise about $10,ooo per month.

If you are snarky and thinking, “Maybe I should become a missionary so that I could make, like, 120k a year,” then read on…

About half of missionary support is salary for the missionary.

Again, read the short article, and let us know what was enlightening to you.

Did it raise new questions for you regarding missionary support?


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