ViewPoints: Current Trends in Raising Personal Support (part five)

dannysullivan @flickrWhat’s new and shakin’ in missionary support raising?

Steve Shadrach is the best person to answer that question in ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising.<Not an affiliate link.>

Honestly, most won’t find those trends too surprising.  Here’s just too of them.

More think it’s OK to ask, not just pray for missionary support.

Steve points out that it’s a bit contradictory to imply that it’s good to ask people to pray, but it’s bad to ask people to give.  Why separate the two?

George Mueller is probably best known for this fundraising tactic – he only prayed for funds, and he never asked for them.  However, as is often pointed out, even Mueller did not recommend this to others.  Nor did he think that his way was better.  He simply felt that was the way for him and his ministry.

Ministries are focusing more on Support Raising Training.

At the very least, an organization will give its members a book to read.  However, more organizations are providing seminars, orientations, or other trainings.  Some missions organizations are hiring a staff member whose main responsibility is training its members to raise support.

This simply recognizes the importance of knowing how to raise support.

Few potential missionaries have the knack to raise their support without any training.  Unfortunately, many potential missionaries don’t realize that they need training until several months down the road.  Get the training now, and don’t be afraid to invest heavily in the training.

It’s not hard to waste months and lots of money learning the hard way how to raise missions support.

Think about it.  If you spend one or two weeks on training, and if you spend $1000 on that training, it won’t take long for that to pay off.  If that training helps you gain just a few supporters, then it will just take a month or so for that training to pay for itself.  You can’t think, “Wow, I spent one thousand bucks!”  You have to think longer term.  “One thousand dollars invested in training now will gain tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars!”

Since more ministries see the importance of training to raise missions support, follow their wisdom and get some of that training!

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