ViewPoints: Standard of Living for Christian Workers. (part six)

gtall1 @flickrWhat should the standard of living be for missionaries?

We’ve been looking at some of the chapters from Steve Shadrach’s book: ViewPoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising<not an affiliate link>, and he addresses just this question in chapter 25.

When Steve was fresh out of seminary being questioned for his first job, the board, full of wealthy professionals, was grilling him about salary expectations.  In retrospect, Steve wishes he had asked for the average of the salary of everybody on the board!

The unwritten rule of missionary support.

Steve is exactly right: it is ok for a staff member at a church to make a good salary, but many often expect a missionary who raises support to live on much less.  That’s the unwritten rule.  It also uncovers an odd concern that some Christians have.

Some Christians are very concerned that missionaries not make too much money.  I’m not quite sure who all of the lavishly rich missionaries are that have them so concerned.  (Some people are quite vocal about this concern, making my posts related to the topic some of the most popular.)

Anyways, Steve rightly recommends a spartan, wartime way of life.  However, don’t be afraid to make lots money.  Like Wesley said, make as much as you can, and give as much as you can.

However, if we are too spartan, can we lose effectiveness?

Wisely maximize your Fruitfulness.

This means that we have to be stewards of our resources.  A good car, computer, and vacations are all things that can cost a lot of money.  But, they can all free up time for us and help us to me more effective in many ways.  Make wise decisions with the money you steward, do not try to meet everybody else’s expectations.

Did you notice something?  These principles are the same for all – not just those who raise missionary support.


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